All responsive design projects (completed)

Hello. I’ve just completed all projects from the Responsive design category. I would like to get some feedback from the community. Thanks.
Here are the links:

Tribute Page

Survey Form

Product Landing Page

Technical Documentation Page

Personal Portfolio Webpage

One Extra Page (unrelated to FCC)

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I visited all your projects : Visually are great each of them:

Thanks for the comment.

I really like you design :slightly_smiling_face:, only one small issue if u can fix your text area in the survey form to stretch only up and down

Hi. Yes, I forgot to disable resizing of the textarea. It’s changed now. Thanks.

I like the choice of color in your Survey Form! Nice Job! You should wrap your checkbox and radio inputs with labels so you can click on them just by clicking on the word and change the cursor to a pointer :slight_smile: