WebGL and ThreeJS resources?

Hi campers,

Does anyone have favorite resources or tutorials that you like?

Let me know if you know anything helpful or interesting :slight_smile:

I think that perhaps the best place to start is with MDN’s tutorial on WebGL:

three.js abstracts quite a lot away, so perhaps before one has read all of the above they can then start with the documentation:

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This is imo the best overall learning resource for WebGL:

WebGL is an API made up of JS code that controls shader code written in GLSL (the OpenGL shader language).

Introduction to fragment shaders:

Visual tool for [generating equations for] programming shaders (note this will not likely make much sense without going through the above)

So ThreeJS abstracts a lot of the nuts and bolts that you would need to implement manually otherwise. There are other abstractions: regl seems pretty good from the little I’ve played around with it. BabylonJS is very similar to ThreeJS, but built primarily to make games, it’s pretty fully-featured but a bit raw.


@gebulmer @DanCouper

Thank you for your inputs and thoughts! I will definitely check them out :+1:

I like Discover three.js :grin:

But I am the author so I might be a little biased. And apologies, seems I can’t post links here so you’ll have to Google it.


No prob, will check it out for sure :slight_smile:

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