Website images not rendering properly

Hey there,

On this website,

I keep being told the images are stretching opposed to being put in the grid they’re supposed to be positioned in. I have told my friend to clear his cache and local history as when I am inspecting this on my local windows machine there’s no issues and the breakpoints are working fine for the different screen sizes. He’s working on a Mac desktop but don’t see what difference that would cause. I’m pretty positive its just his cache but need confirmation.

Can someone please load up the url and inspect the page to confirm it is only my friends desktop and if this is the case is there any more things he could try to get the page to render properly?


Here’s his result - 1 image stretched out opposed to a 4 column grid:

Here’s the standard:

Here’s me showing the maxium width and still showing a 4 column grid display:


Maybe your friend open it in different browser.
One of the complexity of front-end is cross browser.
Some CSS property may or may not work with different browser.
I don’t think it has anything to do with cache.

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We would need to see your code in order to help you debug it.

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I was able to figure out it was the users browser. He was using an old version of Firefox that isn’t compatible with CSS Grid.