Website Layout Distorted on Mobile Devices

I’m encountering an issue with my website’s layout when viewed on mobile devices. On desktop, everything appears fine, but when I switch to a mobile view, the layout becomes distorted. Certain elements seem to overlap or display in unexpected ways, making the site unusable on smaller screens.


  1. I’ve used HTML and CSS to design my website, focusing on responsiveness using media queries.
  2. I’ve tested the site on various desktop browsers, and it looks good.
  3. However, when I switch to mobile view (or test on actual mobile devices), the layout breaks.
  4. The issues include elements overlapping, improper scaling, and sometimes elements being completely hidden.
  5. I’ve tried debugging using Chrome Developer Tools and adjusting CSS properties, but I can’t seem to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Request for Help: I’m seeking advice on how to troubleshoot and fix this issue. Are there common pitfalls in HTML/CSS that could lead to such problems on mobile devices? What are some best practices for ensuring a smooth mobile experience while maintaining desktop compatibility? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!

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While I cannot for sure reason that your website layout breaks on mobile devices without seeing the code, it could be because you designed your website on a desktop layout first appraoch then used media queries to adjust the properties for mobile view , I mean technically this is not wrong & a valid way to appraoch things but it can lead to issues on phones , conflicting properties & specificity issues


It sounds like you are using fixed widths and lengths (like px - pixel), instead of rem, %, and, where they fit, viewport heights and widths (vh/ vw). Units that are flexible.

Also did you disable the default padding and margin in the CSS root? They often cause unwanted behavior when active.

This is all guessing without seeing the code, based on my experience programming responsive UIs.

I’ll go through my code and ensure that I’m using flexible units like rem, %, vh, and vw where appropriate. I’ll also double-check to make sure I’ve disabled default padding and margin in the CSS root.

I appreciate your insight and will update you on my progress. If I encounter any further issues or have questions, I’ll reach out for additional assistance.

Thanks again for your help!

Elements overlapping is usually cause by taking them out of the normal document flow (float, absolute positioning, etc.). Using out-of-flow elements is usually for very specific purposes, and should not be used for standard layout.

Elements disappearing is often caused by hiding the overflow instead of dealing with it. Hiding the overflow is very often not the correct solution.

Not sure what scaling you are talking about (images, fonts, elements).