Website Not Displaying Correctly on Mobile Devices

Hello fellow coders,

I’m encountering an issue with my website that I built using HTML and CSS. While it displays perfectly fine on desktop browsers, I’m facing some serious layout problems when viewing it on mobile devices.

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Misaligned Elements: Certain elements, such as images and text blocks, appear misaligned or out of place on mobile screens. They don’t fit within the designated sections as they should.
  2. Overlapping Content: Some content overlaps with each other on mobile devices, causing a messy and cluttered appearance.
  3. Navigation Problems: The navigation menu seems to be unresponsive or difficult to navigate on mobile screens. Buttons may not work as expected, or the menu might not collapse properly.

I’ve tried using media queries to make the site responsive, but it doesn’t seem to be solving the problem entirely. I suspect there might be some fundamental HTML or CSS issue that I’m overlooking.

Could anyone suggest potential solutions or offer insights into what might be causing these issues? I’d greatly appreciate any help or advice you can provide. :grinning: :neutral_face:

Thanks in advance!

Hi there! Looks like you have to go deeper in responsive design and especially flexbox using.
Here’s a detailed video course you may find helpful: