Weird blocky glitch problem

On the left side, there’s a blocky glitch happening, causing black boxes to appear and disappear while I’m putting the code in. Please help!

We might need a little more information before we can begin troubleshooting this.

  • What browser/version are you using
  • What OS are you using
  • A link to the step/challenge where you are seeing this
  • Is there anything specific you need to do to trigger this
  • If you are able, a screen snap of what it looks like on your computer

I’m using Firefox version 119.0
It’s happening on every step of every project in the responsive web design part of the curriculum
It’s not triggered by anything. These blocks are appearing and disappearing randomly all over the screen

One additional piece of information that might help is if you can test another browser, such as Chrome, and see if it happens with that one as well.

Also, since you appear to be working on the balance sheet, I’m assuming you’ve been using fCC for some time? Has this always been a problem or did it just start recently?

I’m checking Chrome now and the problem is gone.

I’m actually not currently working on the balance sheet, I just opened a few random projects to see if it was happening on more than one project.

This has only just recently started happening. I started using freecodecamp a few months ago.

I’ve been testing Firefox 119 on my Win11 virtual machine and I have not been able to replicate this issue. At this point I’m not sure why this would be happening. I’m tempted to say this is something specific to your computer and not an fCC issue, but if we get more reports of this from other people then I will be proven wrong. In the meantime, if Chrome seems to be working for you then I think you have your workaround :slight_smile:

yeah it seems like the problem is probably my computer. Not sure what to do about that. I’m using Chrome from now on. I wonder if it could be malware related?

I doubt it is malware related. This seems like an issue with your video card/drivers.

I just googled “firefox random black boxes” and got quite a few links back. One common “solution” appears to be turning off hardware acceleration. Go to the firefox settings, under General, scroll down to Performance. Uncheck “Use recommended performance settings” and then uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

But if Chrome is working for you then I would just continue using that instead of messing with firefox settings. But if you run into this problem on other web sites using firefox then you have something you can try.

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