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Hello guys. My name is Florian, I’m 24 years old and I am from Germany.
I am trying to pick up a few new skills as programming was always an interesting topic to me. I learned the basics of Java and did HTML/CSS a few times but never sticked to it. With FCC I wanna try and get further knowledge and get into a few projects. All resources I used so far were pure online courses from Google, one MOOC and Codecadamy.
I do this as a hobby and Im looking forward to where this journey will take me.

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I started dabbling with code about 3 years ago on CodeAcademy. I’ve also tried a couple of MIT’s courses through ‘edx’ (free online courses).


In January I completed App Academy’s in-person bootcamp prep course (which I do NOT recommend - it’s an excellent class but definitely not worth the money in my opinion) and I’m currently finishing Hack Reactor’s free online prep course.


I plan on also completing Flat Iron’s free online prep course and JavaScript30 which is a 30-day “coding challenge” that gives you a better idea of how JavaScript actually affects/interacts with the website.

I’m finally really diving into code because I’ve tried a lot of other jobs in the past few years and always end up quitting because I’m not challenged enough and I haven’t foreseen growth in the companies I worked at. I’m ready for a ‘real’ career that’s engaging, challenging, and has opportunity for growth and movement into different positions and areas.

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Hello everybody!

My name is Carl and I am starting my journey into Web Development. I’m also teaching myself python for the backend portion of websites and also just to learn how to do it. Full stack web development looks to be an interesting field. Very artsy and technical at the same time.

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Hi everyone.

I’m new to coding, so going through the fCC challenges at the moment.

Would like to develop projects in code and hope to get up and running in a couple of months.

I have been learning via online platforms such as fCC and Udemy.


I’m Denijal from Novi Sad, Serbia. I’m starting to code because I liked it when I studied math but after finished study I started work like professor. I am very satisfied with my progress so far. My goal is to become proficient in front-end developing to make some web application.

Hello! I’m Katarina.
I currently live in the USA and teach English and am getting my Masters in TESOL.

I’m learning to code as I enjoy learning new things and making new things, so it goes hand in hand.

I learned HTML, CSS, and some PHP a while ago on my own and want to get a better foundation in it and beyond.


Hi, my name is Steffi. I’m 25 years old and live in the south of Germany. I have a bachelors degree in pharmaceutical chemistry.
I want to learn to code, because a lot of my friends studied informatics and I was really impressed by what they were able to do. So I thought I should try it myself.
So far I really like it and I’m excited about what I will learn at FCC in the future :smiley:
I started yesterday with zero knowledge in coding.

Hello! I am Eisa Ahmed, a 15 year old with a passion in computer programming. This is by far the best resource yet to learn front-end development. I was using resources like codecademy and reading documentation before here.

Hello World!


Trying to boost up my resume, I finish a contract with my current job in a year, and a half. Hopefully by then, I’ll be well rounded enough to get my pick.


Hi I’m trying to learn web development and learn android programming with a specialty in google maps slow learning hoping this FreeCodeCamp can get me where I need to be.

Hey everyone, I’m David. I’m a first-year physical therapy student. School is going well, but I’m realizing it’s probably a bad career field for most people at this point, and a particularly horrible one for a linearly thinking introvert. I had a successful freelance copywriting business going for a few years and still do that part-time while I’m in PT school. I’m learning to code because I think it may open up doors to new career paths (hopefully freelance / self-employed) that would be better than writing. I’m also looking to see whether there are good opportunities for someone who’s good at writing, coding and communicating with clients…software and technical writing, perhaps?

FreeCodeCamp is my first foray into learning code, save for a few basic lessons back in high school

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I’m Andrew from Baltimore. I am a educator and I am learning to code to deepen my understanding of web design and programming in general to pass the knowledge on to my students as well as evaluate freeCodeCamp as a classroom resource. I have been learning to code by reading books and reddit, as well as undertaking specific projects.

Happy Coding!

Hey, there!

I live in the hip little city of Lancaster City, Pennsylvania with my wife, Amy. I work remotely for a small software company where I direct customer success and work as a front-end developer.

I’d like to continue learning and eventually become a full-stack Javascript developer. Right now, I build websites and learn-as-I-go. You can find my work at bswank.me.

Hello everyone!

I’m Dalton and I’m a new camper who is trying to learn coding in order to increase my value in the job market as well as help a family member with their business.

So far so good with the learning! I have been using different tutorials all over the place so I’m looking forward to sticking to a lesson plan for while!

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Hey I’m Gordon and I am a Software Developer looking and I’m just having fun refreshing the basics. I like the way the information is presented.

Hi Team,

My name is Don… I am an Outdoor Recreation/Education professional in Canada with about 18 years in that industry.

It’s just time for a change, something new, something interesting, something challenging. In a couple of months I am completing an Object Oriented Development Certificate and am looking to brush up on my now very old coding experience from twenty years ago.

So far, I’ve been taking online courses and am loving it.

Thanks to all those who’ve put efforts into freeCodeCamp. Your work is highly appreciated. I am getting more and more confident every day. Love it!

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Hi Everyone,
I’m Philip from Washington. I’m learning code because I hate what I do now.
Started community college but felt the bar was set super low, started learning on my own. Really happy I found Code camp seems like it will keep me on course.

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Hi, I’m Vicki! I’m brushing up my coding skills here and at Skillcrush. I’ve been taking classes at Skillcrush and just finished their Front-End Web Developer blueprint. I’ve also been working through Treehouse and this website’s tutorials.

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