What brought you to FreeCodeCamp?

I’m currently working in another field and I’m looking into branching out. Out of curiosity, I have landed here :slight_smile: also with the help of a few friends. Seeing if I can build portfolios in different ways. Where has everyone come from (work, school, etc.) and where do you plan to go with the skills that you’re gaining/have now that you’ve been working on FreeCodeCamp

I came from github, was searching interesting projects. I am interested in open source projects, community, decentralization and education–seemed like a good fit. My approach to coding is that I know I enjoy leveraging new and exciting technologies but I don’t have an exit strategy. The good part is that when I drop buzzwords like modularity, don’t repeat yourself, separation of concerns, side-effects, I can speak about these concepts with confidence and employers, friends and clients are taking notice.

I just do it as a hobby. Building cool websites and make things tick. FCC is nice to be around. Don’t got arrogant “expert” telling newbies that they haven’t learn enough to ask a question in here.

i became interested in programming from a computer science class i had to take for my audio engineering major during my first semester of college. i realized how much i liked programming and decided to change my major to computer science. so now, in my second semester, i’d like to get ahead a bit before taking my major classes (since I’m currently working on my prerequisites in college) and discovered freecodecamp through reddit and here i am.


I’m somewhere in between branching out or improving my skillset, that’s what lead to FreeCodeCamp.
Besides I figured that computer programming is probably the new literacy skill you have to have like being able to read. You can’t do without it.

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Some day when I was visting Quora,I found this site.I’m interested in program,so I join this to learn some program skills

I have been a maintenance programmer for over a decade, and that time was spent working on outdated, highly niche technology. When a tidal wave of layoffs hit, I had a lot of difficulty finding a new job because I did NOT have experience working with something marketable. I already knew it was bad to neglect your skill set, but that experience cemented it. Since then I got a subscription to Safari and Sitepoint, and I did a program on Udacity. Then I sought out more and I found FCC. Word of advice - keep up with your skills. Unless you are an elite Cobol super-master-guru, you can’t afford to lose track of what is current.

I’m currently working as an HVAC technician and I decided that I need a change. I have always had an interest in coding and I decided to try and make it official. My friend, who is a programmer, recommended this site. I have been going at it for about 2 weeks now and so far I love it. Time will tell how I do in the long run.

Was jumping on YT tutorials, asking myself am I really too dumb to code, and why i have left the IT path for easier jobs, well Im gonna try myself in this once again,I just wish there was sites like this 10yrs ago when everybody was telling me that only bachelor is an option to get a decent IT jobs.I’ve never liked IT in my schools so I didnt went for this.I think skills wont be the problem as Im a fast-learner, but lack of experience can be a big obstacle on my way to get an IT job.Im gonna try anyway.Thx for everybody involved in making this site and sharing your knowledge to help others.Best regards.


I’ve always been interested in programming, and honestly this is the only career that I ever want (at the moment working in something entirely different merely out of necessity). I did a certificate in software engineering in college, but a year after graduating I still haven’t managed to find a coding job, not even a single interview. So, I decided that this certificate isn’t going to cut it, that I needed experience, so I decided to learn web development which has always been of interest to me, build a portfolio of projects and then start my job search again with some newfound skills.

At first I bought a Udemy course, and joined its Gitter chatrooms. I was just saying hi when I received a message from someone telling me they wish to create a study group for the course. I accepted, and not so long after, one of the people in the group mentioned they’re going through FCC, so I googled that and ended up here. I can say it’s possibly the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time (I’m not going through the curriculum on FCC, but working on one of P1xt’s awesome guides instead, but will still do the FCC projects regardless).

In short, I found FCC thanks to a Udemy course, and the reason I’m here is because I wish to build a career in something that I love doing.

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Two things:

  1. I’m a self-taught web developer who picks up things as she needs, to deliver on projects. I heard about FCC and thought it would be great to do a comprehensive review of topics and potentially fill in gaps in my knowledge.

  2. I love teaching others to code and started this on a SnowDay with my 8yo who is taking the Front-End Development challenge with me. I want to explore this material to see how suitable it might be for supporting a local study group (targeting young developers and women) to teach people to build simple web sites.

I also hope to contribute back to this community and perhaps even meet some folks IRL :slight_smile:

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I had been programming for over a year in C# WinForms, but I wanted to work on the web, so I started looking around. I found freeCodeCamp by reading one of Quincy Larson’s posts on Quora, and almost a year later, I’m stuck :slight_smile:

I’ve had a pretty successful career in another field for the past 15 years, but I’m tired of it. Call me crazy, but why not start over and do something you can really dig into and learn alot of new things!

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I saw an ad on GitHub. Previously, I completed Coder Manual Web Dev Bootcamp in Ruby and Rails.

I started toying with HTML when I was really young. Never really thought about trying to fully understand the web, or creating actual things until a couple of years ago. I started cs50(url: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computer-science-harvardx-cs50x) sometime after, and in a chat, someone mentioned FCC(this was when it first launched). I’ve been here ever since.

What brought YOU to FCC, OP?

I took one programming class in college, and I really struggled with it. Everything made sense at the end, but I still thought coding was not for me. Couple of years later I saw freecodecamp being mentioned in either some article or quora and decided to try it out. Now I’m here, and its definitely a lot more fun now that I have a stronger understanding of HTML and CSS. My first exposure to a programming language was Python. Turns out it makes more sense to have a strong foundation with HTML and CSS before branching out and learning other languages.