What all tasks from free code camp i need to complete so that i can complete all the projects in "dynamic web application projects" section

I have completed few sections from given list of tasks,but i need to devlop projects similar to that are present in dynamic web application projects section,and i have less time for it…so if someone can guide me what all the necessary task i need to complete before i can do all those projects,it will be a great help…

Thanking you in advance…

You’re talking about full-stack development. That section is meant to be the capstone of your freeCodeCamp experience, and there are no shortcuts. In order to build projects like that, you need to have a solid understanding of front and back end JavaScript, RESTful API design, HTTP, and be comfortable solving the sorts of problems you will run into. You can’t rush this, but if you’re really pressed for time, you’d benefit more from paid services like Lynda.com, Treehouse, CodeSchool, or Pluralsight. They hold your hand way more than freeCodeCamp does.

It depends what you currently know, the scale of th apps you want to build and how professionally you want to make them.

At a minimum you need to be able to create the front end and th back end. This means you need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end, and a backend language supported by a database. FreeCodeCamp recommends NodeJS so you can work with JavaScript again on the backend, and MongoDB for the database.

Those are the minimum…

Additionally, you may want to look at front end libraries or frameworks, such as Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, Vue, Bootstrap.

You will also need to understand how npm modules work and will likely incorporate many of these into your Node backend.

You may also want to look at task runners such as Gulp or Grunt (or simply rely on npm scripts).

Then there is testing, which is not strictly necessary for your own personal projects, but if you are working for someone who knows what they are doing, then picking up various testing frameworks would also be beneficial: Mocha, Chai, Sinion, Karma, Selenium…

thanks Jackson…i know well about the front end part and currently working on the backend part…what more frameworks or libraries i need to know about if i have to just devlop the projects available in dynamic web application section of freecodecamp…

i can give 200 hours max for this.so if u can be a little more specific…it would be a great help


What information are you looking for, exactly? The fCC course map has lessons on everything you need to create a full stack project.

thanks…i appreciate

The problem is i cant devote that much hour to it.So i just want to complete only the essential part from the fcc course map.The quality of project is not so important due to time constraint.

What is your ultimate goal here? Are you trying to get to the non-profit projects, or are you just going to apply for a job soon?

actually i am an undergrad i have to submit a working project within this semester…I am currently preparing for masters too so time is limited

I see. Good luck with that!

Ok, unless your course requirements explicitly say you need to worry about testing and task runners, ignore those.

If you know enough HTML/CSS/JS to put together a simple webapp (like the Weather Project on FCC, for example), then do the following:

[Edit] - actually, you can totally skip React if you want!

I would recommend working through the official React tutorial from Facebook and checking out a tutorial series of videos/screencasts are helpful to you. I’ve heard good things about thenewboston’s YouTube series on React, but haven’t watched it myself.

Once you can make a decent React app, move on to the backend. Work through the Nodeschool modules in the FCC curriculum, there’s one for Node and NPM, one for Git and one for MongoDB. If you know how to use Git, skip that one.

Then try to complete the URL shortener project from the backend curriculum. That one is sufficiently complex that it will introduce you to all the key ideas you’ll likely need.

Then dive into a dynamic app for your coursework and make Google your best friend!

Good luck, and remember to share your final project with us when you are done! :slight_smile: