API and Web Projects

So i not able to complete the last 2 projects. API Project and the Symanic Web Application Projects… I am soooo lost here… and not sure if they will fail me if i cant complete…I have tried everything. I have searched the internet and couldnt find anything. I asked a few Software Engineers here at work and they not able to help out… I am at a loss…Any help would be greatly appreciated…

can you link to the projects?

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If you’re talking about Free Code Camp, you can’t really fail. It’s entirely self-paced. Don’t panic!

not sure… if you send me a link i can try…

I going thru a school… and they are using Free Code Camp… not sure whats going to happen if i dont finish… oh well…

I don’t recognize those project names. I was asking if you could link to the Free Code Camp projects from the map…are these micro API projects for the back end? are these front end challenges?

In either case, part of learning and solving codign challenges is describing your issue clearly, what your current problem is, sharing the code you have tried and asking for specific help. That doesn’t mean you ask hwo to complete the project, but without knowing what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what your current obstacle is it’s impossible to help you.

are you asking for help? Or just lamenting? If you are doing a school they should be teaching you…

Sorry… yes there are free code camp project… the two categories are API Projects and Dynamic Web Applications Projects

I need to complete one from each and cant do it… and i cant find any of these projects… even if i google them I cant find any code…

you need to start at freecodecamp.com and click on “Map” in the menu. There you will find a list of all the categories. both of the categories you describe use back end stuff…node.js, mongo, etc.

this is the free code camp forum, and the map is not linked from here.

There is no starting code for these projects, FCC expects that students will have progressed through the learning material and thus you’ll already know where to start from, even if you don’t know how to do it.

For the micro API projects, having done learnyounode (an earlier challenge) wwas very helpful. Are you familiar with learnyounode?

For the dynamic web applications, these are very challenging depending on your experience. The first time I tried the voting application

I gave up and went back to reinforce my learning of basic javascript…that was over a year ago.

I just recently completed it and it took me about 3 weeks of work, 6 weeks from start to finish.

The micro API projects however I thought were fun and much more straightforward. some of them are just 5 or 6 lines of code.