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Hey can someone help me, I am not sure why the console is telling me why my code solution is incorrect and why the console is telling me that my function is undefined. I watched the Get Help video and the correct code is similar to what I had?

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function functionWithArgs(num1, num2){

console.log (num1+num2);




// running tests


should be a function.


should output




should output


. // tests completed // console output 3 ReferenceError: functionwithArgs is not defined 3 ReferenceError: functionwithArgs is not defined

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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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Computers are very picky about case. functionwithArgs !== functionWithArgs.

Omg now I feel dumb for not spotting that, I was so fixated with why it was saying that my function was not a function. Thank u so much lol!

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