JavaScript - Passing Values to Functions with Arguments... What am I doing wrong?

My code:

function functionWithArgs(numberOne, numberTwo) {
functionwithArgs(1, 2);
functionWithArgs(7, 9);

I’ve already found a correct answer for this specific problem from another user, which is naming the paramters ‘i’ and ‘j’ respectively. However, when naming them numberOne and numberTwo, it responds with

ReferenceError: functionwithArgs is not defined

I’m wondering what’s wrong with these names? Thank you.


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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

Link to the challenge:

This is not related to the names of variables. There’s a typo - one not capitalized letter in the first function call.

Was just about to delete this post after realizing I am dumb, sorry you had to witness this. Thank you though.

It’s fine, sometimes it’s the small things that are harder to notice. When being stuck with something for a while, mind has tendency to steer into more complicated possible reasons why it’s not working.

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