What can you do with Div Containers

I am a little bit lost as to what you can do with div containers. For example, I made this random div and pic below. I can re-size the image with the id #dogpic1 and center it etc…I can margins for it so on and so forth. What is the point of putting it into a div? I keep reading online to do this but I do not understand why. Thank you

<div> class="dogpic"
 <img id="dogpic1" src="https://vetstreet.brightspotcdn.com/dims4/default/54186d0/2147483647/thumbnail/590x420/quality/90/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fvetstreet-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com%2F40%2F58%2F3bc5c01c4cdb8a0581681831faa9%2Fgreat-dane-shaking-paw-thinkstockphotos-522650067-590.jpg" width="400";>


A div is just a way of logically segregating your code into pieces that make sense. For example, if you cut a pizza into slices, with a div you now know exactly which slice you’re talking about and all its dimensions. You can now treat that slice separately from all the other parts of the pizza.

Without a div, your pizza would just be one giant chunk.

Edit: what you can do with divs is, well, whatever you want. Need this div to take up more space? Go for it. Need it to react separately when a user clicks a button? Do that. It’s like defining a specific cell in an Excel spreadsheet and saying: Cell, your new name is “dogpic”. Your job is [insert what you want to do].

divs are just generic containers for your content. When you start to look at layouts in more detail, especially with grid or flexbox, you’ll see how useful they are.

divs are also often a poor choice for a container, though. It is better to use semantic HTML elements rather than generic containers - for example <main>, <article>, <section>, etc.


Thank you! That cleared up a-lot of my confusion. I was trying to edit pictures and font by using div containers when I shouldn’t have in the first place.