What code editor do you use for html?

I´m new at this and i´m thinking about using Atom.
For you, what is the best free code editor for html? and why?

codepen. Best free online code editor. https://codepen.io/

It’s real time so you can see results right away.


For your computer you can install one of these; Atom, Brackets, or Visual Studio Code. Atom is a decent editor for HTML. You can also try one of the other two. See which one you like best.

For online editor Codepen, Repl.it, and Cloud9 are good choices.

@mons, you’re going to get as many varying responses as there are editors.
I like codepen, repl.it and brackets.

Whichever you choose you’re going to like because it’s what you’re used to using.


I personally prefer Brackets because of its Live Preview function, where it’ll update the page automatically without having to hit save or refresh. Really helps when styling with CSS.