What database is used to save the users avatar image?

I am making a simple authentication page with mongoDB and next-auth, users can upload a photo to their profile, what database can I use to save and upload the image?


best use the reference method, upload the image files to some cloud storage with a free tier, then save the URL in the data base.

There are ways to store files directly to a data base, but it’s not best practice, especially with images. They can for example bloat a data base, making back ups long and expensive.

What cloud storage can I use for the user to save their avatar photo?

Here’s a GitHub page about the topic comparing the free tiers.

I’m usually going with Azure since I’m using ASP.NET core for my APIs.

Be sure to choose a service that let’s you put everything on hold when any limits of the free offers are reached (storage room and/ or monthly requests).

You can also handle the files yourself.



But using a CDN might be better anyway and it will depend on the deployment/host as well (file size limits, speed, etc.).

what you mean with myself?

I mean store the images “locally” (on the server) as part of the project and link to the files in the DB.

I still don’t get it, you can’t save files to the front-end server, right?

If you can run Node you can usually use the file system part of it. If you look at the search links I gave, you can see some examples.

But yes, it will depend on the environment and host what you are allowed to do with the local file system.

In any case, using a dedicated image host/CDN is likely better anyway.

I did it with Firebase, but what are the benefits of storing the images on the server and how difficult is that?

Mainly control. You are not locked into some vendor-specific solution.

But there are plenty of downsides as well. Like storage and bandwidth costs, a lack of proper global distribution of the assets (which is what a CDN gives you), security considerations that might be mitigated using a third-party service, etc.

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