Uploading and storing images without a server?

Hello FCC! I am doing a freelance project where the user can make appointments and upload their images to the website. At the moment I am using mongodb atlas to store the appointments as strings of text, however I have run into a snag with uploading images. It seems I can only store text in mongodb atlas, so a Link to the image would work but I’m not able to upload an image by itself.
I know this can be done with a node.js server however I am trying to do this without a backend as I don’t want to pay to host that.
(hosting a website’s backend is more complex than the front end, right?)
Would any more senior than I developers be able to give me some advice on a service/technique to use? I am open to any and all suggestions.

There are a few options, but there will be tradeoffs. Some limit how many, some will inject watermarks, some are slower or a bit cumbersome to use. And some do cost.

imgur is a good option, free and unlimited storage. Google firestore is a great option, but it does take some learning. Other more hack-y options might include using Google photos or Dropbox.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll do some research to see what will work best

There are places that host a app with a backend for free, like glitch and replit. All apps I have that use mongodb atlas use node.js on glitch. It’s free but if you want “always on”, no wake up delay, it’s $10 a month for 5 sites. I haven’t ever tried to store images on atlas though, so I can’t comment on whether that’s possible or not.

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