What do I do with the new curriculum?

I was very close to get my Front End certification.
Now with the new curriculum I have no idea what to do.
What am I supposed to do?
Can anyone help me please?

I can’t even get to the curriculum page

Yeah I don’t know, they included React and Redux. I was almost done with my twitch api viewer and now it looks like it’s not a project anymore.

Whatever you want to. There are new, better projects that include testing. You can also claim the legacy certificates by doing the projects from the old curriculum. You can do all of the projects. The projects that were replaced in the new certificate requirements are now listed as “Take Home Projects” because they are not requirements for the new certificates.

It’s still there, its now at the end .

Me neither. It just sends me to a blank page :frowning:

Hmm, mods should get the old map UI back or at least inhance the current one, i miss the hours indicator also i used to feel more comfortable with the side nav map instead of modal new.

As discussed in the announcement thread and many other places on the forum, the UI is not done. FCC made the decision that once the curriculum itself and the re-architecture of the application was complete, they would push this one big update to get the new material in the hands of campers ASAP. Once the critical bugs (that always pop up with a major push to production) are squashed, you can expect to see incremental changes that enhance the UI. These can be done in a more rolling fashion because they do not interfere with core functionality.

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