What do professional developers use to test the responsiveness of their projects?

Ok, so I just finished the first free code camp course and im about to move onto the next one and learn some java script. One of my biggest things so far that stumps me is how to test my website at mobile and tablet sizes to make it responsive. You may be thinking I haven’t heard of chrome dev tools but I have! And doing research on my own I have found that chromes mobile and tablet emulations aren’t true to form to what your website will actually look like on smaller and larger viewports, so barring literally opening your website on phsyical tablets and phones that you want it to work on, so what do actual working developers use to test their websites they build for clients? Cuz I damn well know everyones not buying the iphone 25 every year just to test their sites on the newest and most used devices.

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I think that’s a great question. Just thought about that yesterday myself. It seems to me that remote browser testing offers get better. Like these sites, where you can test on virtual machines:

If someone has deeper insights on that topic, I would be happy to hear about that too…

Yeah I stumbled onto some of these as well and im glad to here you think they are a good idea. Ill dive into these a bit and see if they are what im looking for.