What do you think about doing FCC + other resources and a degree concurrently?

@P1xt’s guide is CS curriculum, the only problem is you don’t have a mean of getting verified.

You do, actually. There are colleges that are very friendly towards testing-out of math courses and doing portfolio projects to prove mastery of programming topics; with one of those, it should be possible to get a CompSci or InfoTech degree after going through P1xt’s guides or other freely available curricula. One that I know of is Thomas Edison State College, though there are definitely others out there.

that’s very good know, i guess it will be a great idea to befriend a comp sci professor at a college near you :slight_smile:

Yep, get learning and knock out those tests. :slight_smile:

Most are 3/4 credits, I have no idea how I find time to study and practice coding at the same time considering how procrastinator I am hahaha

Personally, I haven’t been able to work on FCC while working and going to college, and maintaining relationships. I’m also not the best at time management, often diving into things.

Focus will go a long way in deepening learning. It’s not enough to just complete certificates if the practices aren’t internalized. To fill in the gaps and replace distractions I listen to podcasts or read articles relating to the field.

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I don’t mean to sound too negative and critical, but why don’t you also learn Mandarin in a meantime? Or maybe start rock climbing? You know, something that really takes a lot of time to master, coz your schedule does seem to have a lot of free time :rolling_eyes:

Really, how about doing one thing, but doing it well? And actually finishing it? And, since we are on the matter, how about just doing, instead of planning and estimating and wondering, and thinking and debating and… Well, I know alot of words that are synonymous with ‘procrastinating’…


@KamilCybulski I certainly don’t have that much free time on my hands, I was just considering the possibility. I eventually decided not to go to college for now and instead work on one of P1xt’s guides and focus exclusively on it.

You’re absolutely right about doing one thing and doing it well. No more procrastinating.

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Good to hear (read…?) that :slight_smile:
I’ve seen the projects on your FCC profile and they show, that when you focus on something, you can deliver good quality stuff, so just keep working. Also, after you go through bigger part of P1xt’s guide, FCC challenges will be redundant. Projects should be fairly easy to complete in a short time.

Good luck :slight_smile: