What do you think about my Pomodoro Timer?

This one was really fun to do! I learned a ton of things, wrote working functions from scratch by myself for the first time, and this was the first challenge I completed without looking at any project’s code and copying.

Please take a look, click about, and tell me what you think :slight_smile:


I am about to start with my Pomodoro clock as well.This looks great!:+1:

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Good luck! Have you done the calculator challenge yet? I found Pomodoro to be much simpler, and much easier to go about piecing together by yourself.

Yup i am done with my JS calc challenge, you can check it out here — https://kunalgupta05.github.io/Javascript_Calculator/ I know there is scope for some more improvement but i want to start with Pomodoro clock,it looks more interesting.

I like it! Neat design.

Yeah I know what you mean about moving on to different projects. I think you should finish a project as best as you can without too much bugs, then move on, and once you’ve finished all projects come back to improve the old ones with your new knowledge.


That’s what i think but sometimes it bugs me having a bug in my project,so i will try to eradicate any shortcomings asap.

Hey, looks nice. I like the background color transition! A few things:

  • When the timer is done and you click reset, it will go back to 25:00 (also if other time is set). Second click on reset does give the set time.
  • When you set another time when the timer is already done, it will update the time, but you will still have to click reset before it works
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Thank you for finding these bugs! I think the going back to 00:25:00 bug was sort of intentional to band-aid the other bug that was the timer counting down from 24:00:00 upon clicking the go button if the display was 00:00:00. That’ll teach me for layering bugs to solve other bugs, if that makes sense :smiley:

Fixed em… I hope

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