What do you use to debug your REST api?


what do you use to test/debug your REST apis?

I’ve currently only tried Wiztools RESTclient and it offers alot but also looks a little old fashioned.

Do you have any other recommendations?

I usually use ARC or SoapUI

This is really the kind of thing that I was looking for. It has a nice UI. Sadly it doesn’t have a native linux version. The chrome app is very good but needs me to install a cookie interceptor to look at cookie data. The cookie interceptor of course wants browser permissions 1984 style.

I’ve found another nice looking app which has a linux client Insomnia REST

ARC wants permission to save to my google docs. I don’t see a reason for this so I didn’t install.
SoapUI is one horrid looking program. By first glance it seems to be targeted towards much bigger use cases than I plan to have.

It’s strange that it asked for permission to save to google docs, I just installed it as an extension to chrome. And, yes SoapUI has a terrible interface. It’s really great if you’re building something large though, because you can persist all of your requests so that you can have multiple requests saved for each endpoint.

postman is a nice app