What does 'fig not defined' mean?

Hi! So I did the the time visualizer project in jupyter, and it worked, but when I copy code over, I keep getting errors that make ZERO sense. Whether or not I include the ‘fig = ’ in the first line of the code below, I get the error ’ in draw_line_plo fig.savefig(‘line_plot.png’) NameError: name ‘fig’ is not defined’. What do I do to fix this error?

The error is raised in line 22, which is the line that defines the title of this graph. I’m VERY confused about why THAT line would raise an error around whether or not I defined ‘fig’.

fig = plt.figure(figsize= (20,5))

plt.plot(df_new, color='r')

plt.title('Daily freeCodeCamp Forum Page Views 5/2016-12/2019')
plt.ylabel('Page Views')


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Challenge: Page View Time Series Visualizer

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Would you be able to share more of your code snippet?


plt.plot(x ,np.cos(), color = ‘r’ ) Espero te ayude un espacio entre dato y función
espero no confundirte. es el orden para identificar una matriz

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