What does it mean to nest one element in another element

When you nest an element how come it seems to indent the first line after pressing enter only for the first line meaning it won’t nest that whole element?

If you are talking about the editor, I have know idea why it does that.

I am talking about the curriculum where it says to nest the anchor under the p

The challenge named Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements does not tell you to nest the anchor under the p element. What is the url of the challenge to which you are referring?


You should probably review the following lesson which explains what nesting elements looks like.


In that challenge’s example, two elements (and H1 element and a p element are nested in a main element).

I did. It’s asking to nest within an element whic I’m deducing is to simply put tags of p around it which is all it taught. Also I’m having trouble nesting something that has an attribute and element combined

I have moved these questions to a new topic because they were unrelated to the other topic. Can you please post your current code for the Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph?

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Can you check in my other topic I just posted. It contains the code from another subsection. But this time I got the nesting right after it initially said that was the missing criteria as the only one. So when I got that right it got my other criteria as being wrong when it was actually right

Can you not just post the code here in this thread to keep it all together with your question?

Thank you.