What does JSDelivr mean by "version"?

I’m trying to change a github script
into a raw script with jsdelivr.
If you look at this picture I took:

they want me to state the version of my repo. What do they mean by this?
They said I could load any github release, commit, or branch.

Can you please kindly tell me how to be able to get my file as a link of jsdelivr?



I believe you can use the repository name and commit id, like this:


Hope it helps :slight_smile:!

Thanks, but how to you get the id?

That’s easy :slight_smile:

  1. Go to GitHub and find your repository. In the previous example, my repository was https://github.com/skaparate/fcc-pomodoro-clock-react.
  2. Below the download/clone button, there is a text that says latest commit hex_string on Dec 8, 2019. If you copy the link location (right button click over the hex_string -> copy link location) and paste it on the notepad (for example), you will see a longer number at the end; that’s the commit id.

For example, the latest commit of my example is https://github.com/skaparate/fcc-pomodoro-clock-react/commit/f24a93f7d92fa29ef393d7f103d9015d61cd11fd, the id being f24a93f7d92fa29ef393d7f103d9015d61cd11fd.

Of course, that’s one way of getting it. You could also use the console command git log to get a list of commits or limiting it by one commit git log -n 1 which would output the latest commit.

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Another, easier, way should be to specify the branch you want, which automatically should use the latest commit: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/skaparate/fcc-pomodoro-clock-react@master/README.md


Thanks you so much for your help. I was searching how to do this for FOREVER.

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If you’re go to the NPM or GitHub page for the library you want, they both have a list of versions (should be under releases tab in GitHub, will be under versions tab on NPM). On command-line npm view some-package versions.