What does the "cite" URL attribute do in a blockquote?

In the first Web Design Project example, there is a blockquote. I understand that a blockquote is “a section [within a document] that is quoted from another source”.

It includes a cite attribute, but it doesn’t seem to result in a useable link. Is it there for screen readers? Or is it essentially a comment to others reading code? Obviously I understand it’s the source of the quote, but functionally what is it doing in the code?

Also, just so I have my terminology correct- this cite is an “attribute”, correct?


While this is an element?:

<cite>-- Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh</cite>

Yep, you got it right, cite is both an element and an attribute.


User agents may allow users to follow such citation links, but they are primarily intended for private use (e.g. by server-side scripts collecting statistics about a site’s use of quotations), not for readers.

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