What does the word "render" means in React?

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What does the word “render” means in React??
I don’t understand “compose render” cuz I got confuse by the term “render”
Does render mean “deliver” or it means “transform” ??

React renders HTML to the web page by using a function called render(), it mean your code will applied and changes take effect in the browser , I am not React programmer but I know what render means in React, some React programmers may clarify this more

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It’s basically any of the most common English language dictionary definitions. “Make” or “depict” are synonymous.

You render the thing you want to display to the screen. You describe what you want to see using something that looks like HTML. Then [normally] you want a browser to take the output React provides, and use that to render some actual HTML (and from there, render some UI on the screen in front of you).

It’s not React-specific, it’s can be used for most things that cause a depiction to be produced. The artist rendered her face using oil paints

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