What is an API?

While going through the tutorials, I get to the weather project. The hints mention using an API.
Since this area was not covered in the tutorials, I think a tutorial section should be added explaining what an API is and how to use one.

API is (Application Program Interface) and it specifies how software components should interact. APIs can be internal between software and an operating system or more commonly across the internet via REST API. This is a good video of how to use an API although it is dated and facebook’s API has changed since then.


You will find that FCC does not give you much information. That is not the goal here. FCC gives you a clear path by guiding you through challenges and projects. It is up to you to do the research. You’re one click away from all the information you need on the internet. Theres no need for a tutorial. There are countless other resources for tutorials. And of course the forum here is very helpful with lots of friendly members such as @siliconmagi above. Good luck!

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