What is better php or django?

Which of the two languages should one consider for developing backend.

Django is a framework. Python is the relevant language you mean.

Consider whichever interests you or you are mandated to use by an employer or client.

There are all sorts of reasons why people choose various languages. Just don’t start a flame war over it.

Personally, I’m focusing entirely on Javascript for the backend at the moment, because it is quick to pick up, well supported and heaps of fun.

I didn’t like PHP. Too many question marks in the HTML.

I love Python, but could not get on with Django. If you want to try Python and you’re running a smaller project, I’ve heard ok things about Flask.

Otherwise, NodeJS ftw!

Go with Django/Flask over PHP any day. Python is usually a pleasure to write code in, being well designed and clean, and PHP is famous for being the opposite. If this is for getting jobs though, it depends on what employers are looking for.

Also if you’re doing FCC Node.js is very minimal, and with express, it’s really easy to get started without getting overwhelmed with features and unexplained “magic” like you would with Django. So start with flask or node+ express.