Which one to learn Nodejs+expressjs or django

I’ve done the front end and now I want to learn backend, so which one should i learn nodejs or django ( I’m good with python done a few projects). And tell me which one is lucrative in industry to get a job.

Well, if you know Python it would make sense to use the Python web framework. Both Python and JavaScript are heavily used in industry, so about the same.

Django is a pretty big bite for a first backend framework. If you’re going the python route, I’d recommend something smaller like Flask first.

Though Express JS is also a good backend framework due to effective debugging system and good at routing. It also saves time because it works at both front and both end, but if you ask my advice, then I would like to go with Django.

Indeed, Django has much scope in backend web frameworks industry. You can also read article from here about the top backend frameworks and can see Django is at the top. I am already working on Django projects, and honestly, we have more work and usually lack developer. The primary purpose of sharing it that Django industry is not saturated yet. I would also recommend Django because it uses Python, which could also be useful if you enter the artificial intelligence industry. Similarly, if you are looking for a backend framework that perfectly deals with security concerns regarding web applications, then Django also gives its best.

But you need to learn what you think is best for you. Best of luck.

Stay away from Django. You mind will melt upon resting thy eyes on the code O.O

Hyperbole aside, Django is fairly difficult to learn unless you had some experience working with backend development. Thus, I highly suggest learning backend development with nodejs/express before learning Django.