Node.js vs .net Core vs Django (JavaScript vs C# vs Python)

Hello there wonderful people, I just joined this wonderful site and I’m also new to programming and web development. I’m currently learning Javascript and Node.js
So I was googling about different backend frameworks and got really confused. Somewhere I found and .net core are better than node.js for high traffic and efficiency and somewhere else I found Django is better. So, I was hoping if somebody can give me a clearer picture of these different backends like which is better or when is a specific backend technology better than others.
Also, which is better for a job.?

It is much more complicated, but out of the things you have mentioned, ASP.NET will be probably the fastest and the most performant choice.

That doesn’t mean that you should learn it just for that.

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Is the case of choosing the right tool for the job. And that has many variables.

  • team skill set
  • company needs
  • pros/cons to using a tool or another
  • having the same technology in the back-end and front-end is something that would benefit you and your team?

Nowadays all these technologies are able to scale well with load balancers and the rise of cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service.

Generally, Node is recommended for I/O (chat applications, video streaming, games etc) while not so great for intensive heavy computing.

Apparently there is where .net and other technologies perform better.

I never heard of a case where Node.js was not able to do a task that only .net or python could, when it comes to web development.

All of them can be coupled with SQL and NoSQL, and there are more or less the same capabilities available.

  1. My advice to you is to learn JavaScript well (TypeScript too).
  2. Learn Node.js well.

*** At this point you should have a good understanding of what you need and how programming works.

  1. Learn C# syntax.
  2. Start learning .net.

Trying everything at once is overwhelming for any individual and may put you off completely.

(I hate dealing with .net personally, but I have to work with it in my current workplace, and I had the same feeling towards PHP in my previous job. But that is just me.)

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Thank you for answering; I have a few more doubts.
Can you please give some examples of “intensive heavy computing” websites or web services?
Also, is node.js good enough for e-commerce websites?

Yes, so is anything. The main deciding factor for building some arbitrary e-commerce app is “can I program an application in this language” not “can I do high performance computing in this language”. Any of those frameworks are fine.

You aren’t Amazon, you’re a person learning programming for the first time, so this isn’t going to be an issue at all for you, but if you are worried about it, any of those frameworks will deal with high traffic. And there are umpteen ways to handle high traffic that have nothing to do with the programming language.

This is something of an oxymoron, websites don’t really do “heavy computing”*, if something in a website needs something would take a lot of resources, it would call out to a server that runs a resource-intensive program. And that program could be written in any language at all.

* possible exceptions include some games, & some graphics applications (examples: Shadertoy, Figma), though these generally are written in C/C++/Rust and are not what you’re enquiring about

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