What is FCC Score

_Our selection process involves multiple coding and interview rounds. You can get a significant advantage by making progress on FreeCodeCamp Front End Developer Track. https://www.freecodecamp.org/. If you get a score of 300+, you get additional marks in the selection process and/or bypass coding rounds. _

To be eligible, get to a minimum score of 300 and share your freecodecamp profile

The score is challenge completed by me ?

Where is the quote from? Looks like it’s not directly affiliated with fCC. I assume they mean the “brownie points” score, which increments on each completed challenge.

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I got an email from a company .


I think they’re referring to your freeCodeCamp lesson progress. A progress of 300 lessons completed puts you right at receiving freeCodeCamp’s Front End Development Certificate. I’m not sure why they didn’t just say that, though.

I wonder how many companies are requiring applicants to have freeCodeCamp certificates/progress. This is the first case I’ve heard of :thinking: .

Good luck with your application/job hunt!

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but if I will get FCC front-end Certificate score would be around 293-295 …

How did you arrive at this number?

The “score” that they are presumably talking about is your FCC Brownie Points

Historically, the Gitter chat room was the way that campers helped each other, so a “brownie point” was awarded to a camper when someone thanked them. This is how you have people with ridiculous numbers.
Some of us (a) have been part of the community forever and (b) have no lives.


FWIW, I haven’t received any brownie points for helping on the Gitter chat, still haven’t finished the front-end cert (one project shy), and already have >300 brownie points. However, I have finished all the advanced algorithm challenges, a couple of back-end/data-vis challenges, and most of the video challenges (which are optional and the questions are simple enough that they’re basically free points). I’d estimate doing all the front-end projects would put you at more-or-less exactly 300 points.

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Oh, wow. I didn’t know that. Thanks!