What's the total number of "challenges" in the FCC curriculum?

From start to finish (from “Learn how Free Code Camp Works” to “Mock Interview #3”), how many total challenges are in the FCC curriculum? With every challenge I complete, the number in the top right corner of my screen increases by 1, and I think it’d be motivating to keep in mind the total number I’m working towards.

Basically, I’m too lazy to go down the list counting all the challenges, and I feel like that number has to already be floating around out there somewhere anyway.

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It’s a common misconception that it tracks the current challenge number. It also increases by one when someone thanks you on gitter chat.

As for the total number of challenges, I’m not quite sure myself, and it’ll increase with the upcoming curriculum expansion in the future.


That number is your Brownie Points (like “karma” on some other sites).

The curriculum is under constant development, so even if you went to the trouble of counting all the challenges, that number will change before you finish FCC.