What is logical order for select, paste, copy, cut events?

So I think the first is paste to have text to select or copy or cut.

But what about select, copy, cut logical order? Whitch comes next?


I’m not 100% sure what you are asking here. Why does there need to be an order? Can you please elaborate on your question?

Well for all event have a logical order. Like focusin or focusout is need to be used logical order for work! So focusout for example cant be before focus or click event cant be before mouseenter.

I agree that events should have an order, but only if multiple events are triggered by the same stimulus. The example events you gave for select, copy, paste, …etc are generally implemented to have different triggers (eg ctrl+C, ctrl+V…etc) which invalidates any need for ordering.

In the browser, focusin and focusout events fire on different event triggers so no need for any ordering on your part.

In the original example, yes I would agree that you would need to some kind of target for the paste, copy, or cut triggers to fire correctly.

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Is nice you think that! And you have any idea how is it?