Hi, i want to know what is pythonpath

The Path, as an Environment Variable, is a set of paths to different executable programs. Adding Python directory to your Path is what allows you to, for example, execute Python scripts directly from your terminal by typing python somescript.py.

You can see which directories are included in your PATH by doing This PC -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment variables… You should check the first half of the window (User variables for yourusername) and you will see the Path variable.

This might give you an idea, although I know it’s not the most technical explanation.

The PYTHONPATH environment variable is used in Python to specify a list of directories from which to import modules. You can check the sys.path variable at startup to see which directories will be searched when importing anything.
To set this variable from the command line, use:
set PYTHONPATH=list;of;paths.
To set this variable from PowerShell, use $env:PYTHONPATH=‘list;of;paths’ just before starting Python.
Setting this variable globally via the Environment Variables**** parameters is not recommended as it can be used by any version of Python instead of the desired one.

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