What is the best looking website you experienced

You ever saw and say “WOW” in your opinion?



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Dude, it’s kind of off-topic becasue it’s opinion-based question. I’ve seen world-class great page design done by people like you just in this FCC forum, yes if yo usearch you can find many.

But as you asked dude, my favorite design

bring your imaginations to reality, keep going on great work, happy programming


The best designed website I have ever experienced is medium.

Now for those that don’t know, medium is “an online publishing platform”.

I like its design so much because its Simple, straight forward, and uncluttered Its the kind of design you can never hate, simply because what it does provide is basically perfect. (In my opinion)

I’m sure you can go out and find some better UI, with more flashy features, but medium provides what you want and gets out of the way.


You are right in my opinion too! Simple and clean is the best. The Medium site looks clean. What is your fav color by the way :)?

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This is, of course, subjective, but I find the font somewhat difficult to read (could be larger) and it would be nice if the columns were constrained to some maximum width to make reading easier. The blue of the links is a little harsh on the eyes, too, in my opinion.

The “WOW” reaction? Definitely the 2Advanced studios’ website, and I mean v5, because they had like 6 or 7 versions in total.

I don’t know if the studio does exist anymore, but their domain (2advanced.com) is down.

The site was gorgeous, visually one of the best ones I’ve ever seen and it’s from like 2006.

It was very interactive, had a lot of changing elements, sounds, background music, animations, and so on. Unlike many flash sites at that time, it ran very smooth.
Can’t find any videos from it to at least recreate the feeling but you can find some slides here of how it looked https://www.behance.net/gallery/19738001/2Advanced-V5-Website-Attractor-(2010)

Now that I think about it, while flash usually made things a lot slower it made beautiful websites way more common. These days we’re seeing lots of repeating, minimalistic and clean designs. It gets boring as hell.

The one below is pretty impressive. I came across it in this post, which also has some info about libraries that can be used to achieve these effects.

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