What is the best option for Juniors like me, should I buy a MacBook or simple desktop with a processor i5 and 8GB of ram? I’m trying to choose the best option

Hello everyone.

I’m thinking about to buy a new machine to help me, and make things easier in my learning, since I don’t have a computer yet. I’m using my iPhone to help me learn to code. I usually use an application for iOS devices where I can practice my front-end skills (HTML, CSS , JAVASCRIPT and some libraries such as bootstrap, JQuery, angular etc). I’m thinking about to build my own computer in the future. I would like to know what is the best option for a junior.

You don’t need a fancy system to learn. You don’t need a laptop unless you plan on being mobile, working in coffee shops, etc. You don’t need a macbook specifically unless you plan on doing iOS based stuff.

Really, imho, any simple system should work. Any new(ish) low-mid level system or a slightly older one with comparable specs should be fine. One area where a little money can help is monitors - having a few 27" (2k or better) monitors can really help. But of course, those can be added on later.

My advice would be to just get what you can afford. You can always upgrade once you start getting work and after you understand your needs better.


Personally I would recommend a macbook pro. I learned to code on a Windows/Dell laptop and it was extremely annoying (it was £500 so not a super cheap Dell either…).

For example the fan noise was excruciating and distracting. Laptops overheat all the time. It’s also so much easier to read code and documentation on a crisp mac screen vs a laptop, and Macs are silent so you can focus more easily.

A mac is a good investment. The much longer shelf life makes up for the higher price. You will have an easier and more enjoyable experience of learning while using a piece of hardware you actually like.

If I could go back I wouldn’t buy the Dell and go straight for the Mac.


Based on your budget you make a call which type of laptop you wish to buy.

I suggest don’t spend too much money on fancy h/w, go for good quality refurbished one which has got moderate configuration.

Learning web development on iPhone won’t be productive.

All the very best in your learning journey.


@kevinSmith I really appreciate your my advice friend. I’m planning to buy a desktop computer in the future because I’m going to use it exclusively in my bedroom. I will follow your advice. I can’t afford the latest MacBook, a friend of mine is offering her MacBook for sale. I’ve changed my mind about buying a MacBook, so it is not my preference anymore. I just thinking about a good quality computer to get started. Your advice is the best that I’ve seen here!!! Thank you :pray:t4:

@vikramvi it’s not easy learning to code on an iPhone, as long as I don’t have a computer, I don’t have any choice I must be patient until I get a new computer. Thanks for your suggestion!

It all depends on what you want to achieve. If all you need to run is front-end apps (HTML/CSS/JS), then all you need is a machine with at least 2 GB RAM and a decent processor (even an i4 or Celeron will do!). You can install something like XAMPP on windows laptop and get started with development. Apart from this basic front-end stack, you can also run PHP scripts with tremendous ease.

But once you advance more and think of using Python frameworks, data science packages, etc., you 'll need to think of upgrading. And in case it comes to running virtual machines and/or docker containers, that’s when a speedier laptop (or even a mac) will make sense.

I personally don’t use any of the advanced stuff, I develop using basic XAMPP (PHP/MySQL/etc.), hence a basic laptop suffices for all my needs. Your mileage may vary.

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@prahladyeri I really loved your suggestion, thank you very much my friend :pray:t4:.

If you know how to build your own computer do that. It will save you money and you won’t get cheap off-the-shelf components and you can upgrade the components as needed.

Go to something like pcpartpicker and look at the entry-level/budget builds.

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You can get a cheaper laptop PC which would probably have Windows pre-installed, and then install Ubuntu Linux along-side for a dual-boot, since it’s generally easier to use Linux for development.

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check out below article, look for descent quality refurbished one or 2nd hand one through FB marketplace etc in your region.

Get whatever fits best in your budget and best in your lifestyle. Within that, focus on your personal tastes. I don’t like Macbooks at all, but some people do. I like a larger screen(s) and a more tactile keyboard, but some people prefer a small and lightweight computer they can travel with.

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Thank you my friend :pray:t4:

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