Is the Macbook 12" m5 processor good to learn code?

I am looking into buying a MacBook 2016 version with an m5 chip. I am new and want to learn how to code. There is currently a deal at BestBuy to purchase the computer for 975 instead of 1600 but I wanted to know if the specs are enough to run this website and learn how to code along with my other daily activities such as word and videos.

Thank you all for your time.

Save your money buy a pc then purchase that macbook once you get a developer job as a gift to yourself.

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Issues of Mac vs PC aside, I imagine pretty much anything will run FCC since its web-based. You could probably do it on a $200 Chromebook. I’m not saying don’t buy a Mac, but, when buying a computer, there are probably other things to consider other than learning to code because I think pretty much anything will handle that.

Please correct me if I’m wrong though

You’ll be fine, I’m using a 2012 macbook pro

Don’t torture yourself with a small screen. You are going to be peering at that thing for many hours a day. Unless you really have to be mobile, I would get a refurbished PC and add a good quality monitor - at least 22 inches. You will need to code in one window and look at documentation or watch a course in another. A big monitor is a godsend. Professionally, most developers use at least two screens. I used two screens at work and sometimes still want more space.

When you are starting, a low end chip will do. But as you start to build more complex apps, you might need a lot of running processes: IDE, Node, Chrome (several tabs), Devtools, terminals etc. For that, I’d recommend a 4th-gen i5 or better, preferably with 8GB RAM.

So don’t waste money on a MacBook. Spend $500-$600 on a refurb and a monitor, and save the rest for buying professional online courses. They will save you a lot of pain.