What is the curriculum to pass for the site to send you work to do

hi friends , I would like to be useful, What is the curriculum to pass or the condition in the freecode camp so the freecode camp can send me some work to do , now i am in the data visualisation project

Could you explain a bit more of what you mean? Do you want to work for FreeCodeCamp?? If in that case, I don’t know about that.

However, FreeCodeCamp is open source and nonprofit, and they take contributions you can make. Be it be donations, helping them with their new curriculum or YouTube Channel that they run.

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if you want to contribute to freecodecamp you just need to locate the github repository, find something you think you are willing and able to do, and contribute it

(github may require you to learn a bit of Git, which is totally not bad)

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freeCodeCamp doesn’t send you work, but we are open source and welcome contributions from students at any level.

Check out our GitHub repo if you want to contribute.

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