What is the strangest/funniest/coolest app you've ever built?

I’m looking for inspiration! And I’m just curious about where do people get their inspiration.
Feel free to share the GitHub repo :blush:


When I was 12 I wrote a command line app that asked for a person’s age, and then if it happened to be my dad’s age or older, it would make fun of them and call them an old fart.


I’m a little hesitant to post it because it’s the most elaborate thing I’ve coded and this is my 1st time sharing it publicly:

a personal finance app

I’ve been hacking away on that for a long time. Version 1 was comically bad. I have a few more functions and responsive-ness to add to the portfolio feature, and it needs a landing page that’s not just a wall of text. But I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaped up so far.

This one far less complicated but more fun:

fibonacci thing


I did a guitar scale visualizer (using p5.js for the visuals): The Horizontal Way


###Pretty awesome stuff

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(Warning, those offended by science might not like this reply. I’ll keep it as gentle as possible since I’m not trying to offend.)

I made an evolution simulator, that takes random text strings and interbreeds them in order to evolve an exact match of a user-input word or phrase.

The inspiration came from talking to a door-knocker from a church group, who told me that the whole concept of evolution by natural selection was like blowing up a library and having the pieces fall and assemble the complete works of Shakespeare. I was like “that’s a ridiculous thing to say… but a great idea for an app!”

The end result was Word Evolution, which needs some UX work, but is still one of my favorite personal projects.


This is so freaking awesome, but your source code link is broken.

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Among other things I’ve been working on a game engine for almost 10 years now: GemRB.

The hard part is that it’s a reverse engineering project with some of the strangest behaviour/decisions I’ve ever seen (DailyWTF worthy) in the originals. Unfortunately some have to be replicated …

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I had this friend, Santiago, he would spam me over Facebook (copying and pasting the message on the chatbox), it was a bit annoying, so I opened Visual Studio and wrote a program in C# that had an input box, in which you could type a message and then a button to fire a hell a lot of messages per second, if I remember correctly it was about 500 messages/s, eventually his Messenger app would collapse and his Browser client as well.

That was pretty funny to be honest :smile:

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That’s pretty sweet! So p5.js is a JS port of processing? Interesting. I remember learning “javascript” at Khan academy, and only later learning that what they actually taught me was processing.js. I did make an interactive fishtank for my daughter with the library though:


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Yes, it’s basically “Processing redone for js”. It also has a DOM library, which I used quite a lot.

I recommend Dan Shiffman’s youtube channel if you want to learn p5.js.

Just posting the link put a big picture of me here, so I spared you the pain.


That one didn’t work either. Looks like the correct link is http://github.com/stillmattwest/word_evolution

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Well, that’s embarrassing.I don’t know what happened to that underscore, all I did is cut and paste. Oh well, at least it’s up now!

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Markdown interpreted it as the code for _italics_. You had the leading _ and also the one in the URL. It italicized everything in between the two.

Edit to add: your app breaks on my desktop (Win7) in Firefox. I click start, type in some word/s and then evolve, and the modal just disappears.

Edit to add more: it works in IE 11 though. Never thought I’d see the day…

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Must be something recent in Firefox, I originally tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE. If I ever do an update I’ll have to fix the bug.

Your word evolution app is fantastic, by the way.

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Awesome app! Do you mind if I share it with my church group? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Probably the one that made me laugh the most was the “Highly Inappropriate Quote Generator” I made for the Random Quote Generator challenge:

The one I think is the coolest, is a 10+ year project and the one I spend most of my days working on. It’s a web-based, photography management application that I use to run my business - downloading images, culling/tagging, cropping, ordering, poster design, customer management, order fulfillment, output via photoshop, upload to lab, etc., etc. … It’s not online (runs on our own servers, which we travel with), but I talk about it on our website a bit here, under the Our Software section:



i love all the long term personal projects…gives me hope for my own which i’ve yet to start. i keep waiting until I “know enough”