What is this? And how can I read them?

That looks love some kind of memory dump or something. The data in the table looks like hexidecimal.

I think we’re going to need a little more context.

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You mean with the right side ?

No, I’m asking what this is from.

It is just a video on youtube for my question example.
Here is the one that I am solving.2021-04-10 (2)
It is from a game .

…what do you mean with “solving”?
What is this, where did you get it from, what do you want to do with it?

Seriously, it’s just a table with hexadecimal numbers inside.
What even is your question?

Wait, this is a video on youtube? Now I’m even more confused. First of all, why not just ask in the youtube thread? Also, you say it is from a video game and the file name seems to be perma_player_stats.stat. It’s not clear to me how it can also be a youtube video. The name implies that is some kind of data file. That can be encoded in come non human readable format that could be very difficult to decode without knowing how it was encoded. It may be encoded in a way that worked for the programmer’s needs but is not obvious to anyone else. On the surface, this just appears to be binary data (rendered as hexidecimal data).

Like jagaya asks, what do you mean by solving? What do you mean by reading? We are reading the data - there it is. We just don’t know how to understand it. In order to decode it, we’d have to read the source code, ask the author, or do some detective work.

What are you trying to do? Are you just curious because you saw a bunch of numbers and symbols and were curious? Are you trying to hack a game?

Yeah, this is a very confusing thread, as you slowly reveal a little more information with each post. Why wouldn’t you say the game’s name? Why wouldn’t you link to the video?

Originally I was trying to find a way to understand the data of perma_player_stats.stat
but then I saw a video on youtube which is about games competition cheating while I was searching for answer.One of its scenes shows the similiar thing of perma_player_stats.stat.Therefore,I decided to take a screenshot and made it becomes the example for my question,just for an ask about what is it .But since you "No, I’m asking what this is from."There is just about 2s this scene in the video because it’s not video’s main theme.
Therefore,I decided to give the start of the quesion.(Although i think it was not necessary now.Lol)
But thank you for at least telling me what it is.

OK, that is just binary data stored as hexidecimal, in other words, encoded in the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. It is a common way to make binary data easier to read. You can research how numbers are represented in binary and hexidecimal.

The strange characters at the right are the editor/viewer saying, “if this were text, this is what it would be…” But it isn’t text, so it looks like jibberish.

As to what the binary/hexidecimal data represents, it really can be anything. The programmer decides how to store the data. So again, you’d either have to ask the coder, look at the code, or do some detective work. By that I mean, make small changes in the program and see how the data changes. Depending on how it is stored, you might be able to figure a few things out. This is assuming that it isn’t encrypted, which I would guess that it isn’t.

And yes, people can hack games if they figure this out. If game data is stored on your computer or browser, like say the firepower of you characters gun, if you manipulated that, you could give yourself a super-gun. This is assuming that there is no type of check for data integrity. I know that at least sometimes there isn’t.

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