Is this hacking

Randomly looked at logs and some stuff came up odd to me didn’t know if this is all standard language or hacking. Can you guys give me some insight?

I just swapped because I put a different image than I wanted

I think you are just curious.

Looks like some random kernel log snippet. What does “hacking” mean to you?

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Just swapped main image with one I intended to put up.

Im am using hacking in the sense that someone is trying to access without my knowledge

Its impossible to tell without more information, but if you are referring to the warning, I imagine you are in some sort of a debugging mode to be able to see this log. If you were seeing this information like some sort of a bluescreen, then you’d have a problem.

I found this in the chance recovery logs in the boot menu.

this is system log, nothing to do with hack! I suggest to set your system setting to default and to use paid AV, do not count on smartphone security! otherwise, consider take some cyber security courses, if is not intended to serve in your current job, it will, at least, save your bank balance…by remain your data safe enough.