What is This? I don't understand

Hello, I am new to electronics and learning more and more about them all the time. I keeping hearing a lot about something called “github”. What is that? Is it necessary for a coder? What is great about it?

GitHub is a version control platform, allowing you to upload your files into a repository and track changes as you update them.
It is definitely something you should have in your toolbox, as it is useful for sharing your work and for showing to potential employers. Becoming familiar with GitHub (and the git language) will be most helpful in the long-term.


Okay, I see. Um, what info do I have to give to them to sign in?

Email address, user name, and password. I think.

Okay, thank you! I will definitely consider github. Would you recommend any other sites that would be useful like github?

If you’re moving through the FCC curriculum, they’ll recommend Glitch. I find it’s buggy, though, and have been told that repl.it is better.
You’ll also end up making an account for MongoDB, when you hit the API projects.

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okay, thank you! I will look into all of these.

Always happy to help!


GitHub and GitLab are nice places to store and share your work. They also let you collaborate with others by giving you a common place to put your code and a way to manage multiple people working on the code.

Repl.it is a nice place to test and prototype small pieces of code, and they support a wide range of languages.

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Nice! :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning:

Hi, have I read properly, in other places, that Glitch is similar to Slack and Discord?
As for GitHub, I have known about and used them for a pretty good while; I did just this past week set up an account with them . I confess that I am struggling to fully grasp the basics of the site workings. I think part of the problem is trying to master a few too many things at the same time (the coding (HTML, CSS), finding programs to let me work offline and out of browser, while still previewing my work (like on CodePen), trying to write my first cert challenge, etc.) So I am lagging behind in some of the areas.
I have not explored GitLab, I am also aware of some other (I think) part that is an installed stand alone “Git” something so that you can work on commits and branches, but in my ‘shops’ there are several versions/options and I am not sure which one to choose. :thinking:


GitHub/GitLab is pretty universal, and if you get comfortable with them, you’ll be able to adapt to any other version control and collaboration system. You aren’t wedded to the things you learn today for the rest of your development career, so I’d just pick one. It’ll be fine if you end up needing to transfer your knowledge to something else in the future.

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Glitch is an online IDE. Slack and Discord are chat services. I’m not sure where you read that, but unless I’m missing something huge, they are vastly different services. :slight_smile:

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One thing to understand is that github is a place to store stuff. To actually do something with that stuff, or to load stuff there, you need to learn Git

there are a few Git & GitHub articles and video tutorials on /news and the youtube freecodecamp channel if you want to start learning that

for example:


I honestly, do not remember, and now in thinking about it , maybe it was Glitter …I am not sure, it seemed to not be relevant to FCC anymore, so I kinda dumped the info from my active brain until I read your comment about FCC suggesting it down the learning road :slight_smile:

I will take the time after I finish my first project to figure out GitHub/GitLab out some more :slight_smile: I did do the Hello World sign up exercise but that is pretty much hand holding all the way through :smiley:

Thanks for the clarification and help :slight_smile:

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