Why to use Git and Github and when

Why to use Git and Github and when?

Do you have any specific questions from your initial research?

can you give a TL;DR ?

The fine people who have written those articles have included summaries. I don’t think I could do a better job in a few minutes than what they accomplished in the hours of research and editing it took to write those articles for freeCodeCamp members.

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Very TL;DR

Version control can be a lifesaver, so can having your code in the cloud.

So does that mean that Git is for version control, while Github is a place where you put your code and has no relation with version control?

Git is for version control. GitHub is a place in the cloud that you can store your code. (Horrifically oversimplfied and missing important details) You use Git with GitHub.

Git Hub really makes it easy to use Hosting companies like Heroku, you store your code and images for free and Heroku accesses them when your first page of your website is requested. There is no charge for bandwidth, GitHub is free.


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In open terms GitHub is like facebook for coding people where:

  1. Easy to Contribute to Your Open Source Projects
  2. Showcase Your Work
  3. Track Changes in Your Code Across Versions
  4. Push your projects to GitHub and let the world know how nice and useful code you write.
  5. Explore other’s projects on GitHub, get inspired and contribute to their project.
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GitHub is a hosting service for remote Git repositories, owned by Microsoft. It provides additional services for things like continuous integration. It is a popular choice for open source collaboration, personal projects, and single sign on integration.

It’s a tool for code hosting, not a resume or a social platform.

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There has already been some great advice on why to use github.

But I just want to add one thing.

If you want to get a developer job, coming from a self taught background, employers are going to want to see your work in the form of a portfolio.

They are also going to want to see your code which is where github comes in.

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I think calls like this are very lazy.

When you use a search engine and enter git, you find a link to git on wikipedia, saying:

Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in any set of files, […]

When you do the same for github, you find github on wikipedia, saying:

GitHub, Inc. […] provides hosting for software development and version control using Git. It offers the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git, plus its own features.

So your desired TLDRs do already exist.

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When you say GIT you mean VCS I presume (Version Control Software).

If you are asking this then you really need to learn to reflect on matters yourself without asking others.

Imagine if I disabled your ability to undo or load old versions of a Word document you were working on ? GIT is essentially the “undo” function of code.

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