What's github 😊

please someone explain to me what’s github and how can I use and is it important in front end and back end and how can I start learning it

There is a piece of software called Git. It’s a tool that lets programmers track who wrote what code and when they wrote it. It’s like a more complicated version of “save”. It lets teams of people work on the same code at the same time without breaking things. If someone messes up, they can just go back to the last version.

It was written for people working on the core of the Linux operating system to help them develop it safely.

The “team” can also be just one programmer. Being able to undo changes or try new things out without breaking the existing code is really useful.

Git doesn’t need a central place to store the code. The programmers using it can just have the code on their computers.

But it turns out that it’s very useful to have the record of all the changes to the code in one place. Then anyone working in the code knows where it lives.

That’s what GitHub provides. So do GitLab, BitBucket, and many others. GitHub is just the most popular (by a huge margin).

So GitHub is a service which lets programmers store the Git record of all the changes made to some piece of source code.

Those changes will include all the code written, so it can also be seen a place to store code. It has a nice user interface that makes it easy to look at all the code, and it’s on the web so it’s really easy to access. It’s extremely popular and has lots of associated tools that let you do useful things related to code.

It is important because use of version control tools is seen as a fundamental requirement for developing software.

Git is the most popular version control tool. It is vastly more popular than any other similar tool.

GitHub is the most popular of the services that provide a central place to store git history. Again, it is vastly more popular than any other similar services.


Great question! Dan’s answer below is comprehensive and is great to check out. In addition, I’d encourage you to check out Github’s documentation and some tutorials there that will teach you the basics.

Link: Getting started with GitHub - GitHub Docs

Also, here is a quick 1 hour course on Git and Github that will be excellent to check out from freeCodeCamp’s Youtube page.

Link: Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course - YouTube

Enjoy and happy learning!


Check this site and see. It helped me a lot as well.

(What Is GitHub? A Beginner's Introduction to GitHub)

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