What is wrong here? 7 and 9 refused to add up

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function functionWithArgs(para1, para2){console.log(1 + 2);}
functionWithArgs(1, 2);
function functionWithArg(para7, para9){console.log(7 + 9);}
functionWithArg(7, 9);

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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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You need to use the function parameters inside the function, do not hardcode the numbers in there

Lines 1 and 2 panned out… But 3 and 4 didn’t. They are the same.

You need to define one single function, use the parameters/variables inside it so that it is reusable and be able to do both sums with a single function

Read again on what a function is, what “arguments” are and how to use them.

I’ve solved it… Was looking at the wrong line🙂

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