What major websites out there use Flex or Grid?

Can anyone list popular high traffic websites that use either Grid or Flexbox as their layout?

When it comes to Grid, I don’t know of any.

Are there any major websites out there that use Grid?

And I know Flexbox seems popular out there when it comes to layouts.

Flex is used all over the place in modern web sites. Even packages that handle layout will use it. Grid? I sense less so, but it does get used, and again, it may be behind the scenes. I use flexbox everyday at work. I haven’t used Grid much, but that may be because I’m primarily React Native now.

Flex is Huge with mobile responsiveness being so important. Mobile first has become a major player in today’s design structure. Many larger sites incorporate them both. For example from a quick view at the CSS sheets on Amazon, Grid is used pretty heavily on the desktop version. Grid helps with maintaining a certain structure. A quick look at one of Facebook’s CSS, and I see they use flex. This page that I am on right, well, it uses both. They have become a necessity in web 2.0

The latest version of Bootstrap (v4) uses Flexbox and as said Flexbox is used all over the place.

CSS Grid is still not all that widely used on major sites. Here are some sites using CSS Grid. I wanted to find some that also had accompanying articles on the redesign but I didn’t find that many (I’m sure there are many more).








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