Web Responsive Web Design Projects to use CSS Grid or Flex-Box

Being that this is my second try on trying to complete the FCC curriculum, would it be safe to skip CSS grids section and focus on flex-box and to use flex box for the projects. I’m mostly a back end developer and a series I’m watching on Laracasts.com right now (maybe 1 vid a day) uses a library called tailwind css which is basically css utility classes used as building blocks, less actually css you have to write and a-lot of the classes are based off flex-box. Just wondering how everyone feels about this potential decision to skip CSS grids (for now) focus on flex-box learn front end this way then maybe come back when i know more and can potentially appreciate it more.

It’s okay to not use CSS grid and only use flexbox. I think the more you use one and play with the other later on, you’ll kinda see where it makes sense and makes things more efficient to write one way. Also, if you take the perspective of the users and want to reach a bigger audience, flexbox is more accessible than grid right now.

flexbox: https://caniuse.com/#search=flexbox
grid: https://caniuse.com/#search=grid

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Thanks for the response I appreciate it @bernar83 !!

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Working with web design agencies, I can confirm that Flexbox has become widely used in most popular sites. It’s flexible as its name, good for both small and large scale layouts.
Google sites, Kinsta, Ostellar,… they all use it.

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@Exolent Thanks for the heads up !! :pray::pray: