What methods do you use to quickly get rid of the frustration in Coding Session?

I don’t know if it is appropriate to post here, but I think it is.

Time to time we all get frustrated on some problems. How do you re-cover from these things? Any tips?

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When I start to get really frustrated I like to get up and walk around for a little bit and think about why I am getting frustrated. Usually I’m frustrated because I have a misaligned view of reality.

For me the misaligned view of reality is usually my belief of how long it should take me to solve the problem. By that I mean I think a problem should take me less time to solve than it really does, so I end up rushing and not taking the time to break down the problem into its parts.

So after I’ve walked out my frustration and have calmed down, I usually take a piece of paper and try to break down the problem into the smallest manageable pieces. If it is an algorithm challenge I’m stuck on, I’ll take the time to draw out a flow chart. Hope that helps!


Great reply, @dogwaddle.

Another really useful tool is rubber ducking. That helps a very high percentage of the time.

Also, I’ve found that writing down a detailed description of the problem and what you’ve tried, like you’re filing a bug ticket or asking for help on a mailing list, can help you achieve clarity.


I think my most frustrated was with the profile lookup challenge - I just could not get it and by the end I was about ready to punch Chuck Norris in the face I was that frustrated. Then I asked another FCC member who I’d been speaking to in the previous weeks and he just explained it in a slightly different way and I immediately got it. So take a break, take a breather and ask for another point of view or ask another camper in their own words what they think the challenge / problem wants from you.

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As others have mentioned, take a break.

Your subconscious mind will continue to work on the problem even after you’ve stepped away from it consciously. While many like to joke about how we can all be stuck on a problem for hours on end, take a break, and then come back and find a solution in a matter of minutes - it’s actually not a baseless hypothesis.

I would highly suggest the book A Mind for Numbers, which goes into great detail with regards to conscious and subconscious learning.

It is just as important to sit and think about a problem as it is to actively work towards a solution for a problem.


@dogwaddle Thank you for the advice.

@christophercodin Many thanks. I also experienced same. but if you forgot and got frustrated already, what to do?

@ShawnMilo Two interesting suggestions. Thanks. I’ll try both. I’ve personally experienced that writing down a detailed description often clarifies the matter. But haven’t tried that with coding.

@kjarva Thank you. I’ll remember your suggestion inShaAllah

@iheartkode Thank you very much for the valuable reply.

I used this method but talking with my dog. :slight_smile:

Truly works if you don’t want to take a break.


get up and walk outside stay outside… breath breath… go have some tea and come back with fresh eyes.