What text editors show instant feedback like FreeCodeCamp?

I find it really helpful to see if I’m on the right track and not missing a comma somewhere.

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Brackets (http://brackets.io/) has a live preview option you could explore :). Failing this, you could use the dev tools in your browser; change CSS, put breakpoints in running code and walk through the process etc… and then just update your files with any changes you make and like.

Cool there’s a .deb, but why does it depend on libgcrypt11 ? – they need to update that to libgcrypt20.

For anyone on Ubuntu 15.04 and up, here’s a ppa for a fixed version:

Use Brackets editor and install this plugin “Interactive Linter” from brackets extension manager. This plugin displays inline hints and errors same as FCC.

@CMmz, We’ve built Habemus, it is an online code editor with live code debugging. You can debug the code while you write it (we’ve integrated the inspector with the code editing functionality) and all results are available instantly.

You can even debug code on the mobile. Please let me know what you think of it! We are currently in beta!

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For an online option, repl.it is great.

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