Does anyone know a good editor other brackets?

Hii can anyone help me a good editor as my current editor is not helping me out in my project…
Its not allowing to apply the google and other imported things from google.
Its beneficial as its has an live review function.

Does anyone knows a better alternative for this which also contain live review??

Please do help me out in this… :grin: :innocent:

You can use VS Code with some extensions.

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Can you please recommend some extensions??

these are some extensions extension-1 liveserver so you won’t need to refresh page again and again after changing in code and extension-2prettier formatter this will formate your code adding identation commas semi colons and much more so you should not be worry about code formatting and extension-3 synthwave 84 for color theme
hope it will help you

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You can use sublime text or vscode

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Thank you homies for letting me know about the VS Code it made many things easier
I was unable to have my photos and fonts getting down in the brackets editor

Thank you for helping me to code easily!! :heart_eyes: :grin: :grin: